Free stuff: QM and Selenoth

To further celebrate the release of the first two QUANTUM MORTIS novels, JartStar, the cover artist of the newly published Gravity Kills, has created a wallpaper from the cover image and offered it to any VP readers who might be interested in downloading it. It presently adorns my desktop, and if you’d like to download it, just click on the image to the left, then right-click on the full-size image and “Save Image As”.

As I mentioned yesterday, the first 25 reviewers of the two QUANTUM MORTIS books will receive a free audiobook code from Audible. Make that 24 now, as Sensei was the first to claim one. But don’t rush through the books, I’m sure you’ll want to linger over every savory moment of the delicate, deliciously enchanting prose that dances across the pages with all the ethereal grace of a half-starved Russian ballerina.

Ah, who am I kidding? There are explosions and guns and futuristic technologies and guns and artificial intelligences and guns and Meteor air-to-air missiles and collateral damage and twin Degroet Tactical M165 20mm cannons. There are also, as it happens, guns. And possibly a mystery or two.

If you want pages and pages of thickly sensuous prose concerning which side of the pillow is more palatable to the semi-conscious senses, read Proust. If you are looking for deep insight into the psychology of the human mind, read Dostoevsky. If you would like a grand and sweeping tale of epic scope and grandeur combined with intelligent commentary on the human condition, read Tolstoy. If you seek snarky, sparkly adolescent dialogue and the inevitable triumph of the gamma male’s wit, read Scalzi.

But if you like murder mysteries and old school Mil-SF where the hero wouldn’t recognize self-doubt if he saw it and would shoot it on sight if he did, you might enjoy QUANTUM MORTIS.

Did I mention the guns? To quote one confirmed gun porn enthusiast whose blurb for A Man Disrupted was, regrettably, deemed to be a bit too enthusiastic by the publisher:

“That was a seriously satisfying ending. I loved every second of this. I sincerely did.  I think it’s more
enjoyable than A THRONE OF BONES… and I think it has broader market appeal. Seriously. Standing fucking ovation.”

Speaking of Selenoth, if you are interested, you may wish to note that the following three books are free on Amazon today:

This concludes the commercial portion of the flight.