~1 on Amazon

McRapey simply never stops self-promoting:

If you’re a non-traditionally pubbed author, today’s the day to tell my ~50k daily readers about your book.

It strikes me that if scientists could simply figure out how to harness the little man’s internal self-promotion engine, we wouldn’t need green energy or nuclear reactors.

In related news, I’m very pleased to announce that Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted is now the ~1-selling science fiction book on Amazon! To celebrate that, I’m posting the corrected high-resolution version of JartStar’s Quantum Mortis: Gravity Kills wallpaper here for download. Just click on the image to see the whole thing; right click and Save As to save it. Because it is pretty.

As for ~50k DAILY READERS… why not just go straight to ~ONE MILLION DAILY READERS? Believe it or not, that’s a closer multiple to 50,000 than 50,000 is to his current number of average daily readers.

In any event, thanks to a little help from the Master Monster Hunter, it turns out that I am also the ~1 author in Science Fiction today.  Hey, this self-promotion stuff is easy!