The Scholar’s Edition

RG kicks it SERIOUS old school style:
Habitabilis facta et condita anno
MMDCCCX, Ryshalan mundus insignis
in regione Kantillona prope extremos fines
Dominationis Terranei Maioris
celeriter fiebat. Propter locum pollentiorem
ipsa saepissime oppugnata victaque erat dum, anno MMCMXXXV, facta sit
mundus liber a Pronavarcho Classis Beze Davenant, imperatore Classis
Imperii, qui erat primus Dux Ryshalanis. Post Seditionem Machinarum
Divinarum anno MMCMXCIX et natum Unitatis, Ryshalan primum destinatum
victorum administratorum et nationalum et mundanorum
fiebat. Quartus Dux, arbitrans
haec crebra proelia infinitum numerum exsulum opulentorum creatura,
primus morem Asyli praebendi instituit.

“Annales Ducum Ryshalanis” scripti a Thucidean Marcel

QUANTUM MORTIS: The Scholar’s Edition. It’s certain to be a classic in the mode of De Bello Gallico.

We already ran into one major translation issue. The primary Latin endearment used in the sense that we English-speakers use “baby” is cara. If you’ve read the book, then you can probably see the problem there. But, as it happens, RG managed to resolve the issue in an exquisitely appropriate manner worthy of William Weaver himself.

This is a very high tone blog, you see. Don’t forget to keep your pinky out while you’re reading.

In not-entirely-unrelated news, the QM hardcovers are at the printers and should be shipping this week to the preorders. Thanks very much for your support!