Steve Jobs and the Case of the Donated Liver

Karl Denninger observes that his suspicions concerning Steve Jobs buying his way to the front of the donor list appear to be confirmed:

Remember my writing about how I didn’t believe, given the facts, that Jobs got his liver by pure “luck” (being registered in more than one place, for openers) and that his getting one likely meant someone else didn’t — and may have died as a consequence.

Now there’s always luck of the draw, and with a limited supply of livers (after all, we can’t wave a wand and make more of them) this is how it’s going to happen.  And if it happens via random draw and thus luck, well, that’s how it is.

But — did you know that the doctor who performed the transplant moved into a palatial mansion Jobs bought to recover in just a few months after the operation, lived in it for two years, paid the same price for it that Jobs did (no appreciation) when he bought it from Jobs and it is not clear if he rented it for those two years prior (at a market rate or otherwise) or if he literally was gifted living in the house!

It was remarkable how quickly a spare heart was found for Dick Cheney too, was it not?