Rights roundup

Finding Climate Change

There are some who doubt that God exists. They obviously haven’t been
paying much attention to the events at the South Pole, where the MV
Akademik Schokalskiy was carrying a group of true believers in the
gospel of Al Gore to document environmental changes there. For we now
know beyond any shadow of a doubt that God not only exists, but has a
rather puckish sense of humor.

Racism in the Obama Regime

So it appears that despite my doubts, the so-called “Knockout Game”
exists after all. It turns out that it is a game of hate crime in which
young white thugs attempt to knock out innocent elderly black men.

Do-It-Yourself Police

It should surprise no one that a county government would prefer to see
people hand them money and permit them to oversee the spending of it
than take matters, and responsibility, into their own hands. The entire
concept of “big government” is a socialistic one that depends entirely
on the idea that centralizing decision-making will inevitably lead to
better societal outcomes. The fact that this is much more often false
than it is true never even slows down those who benefit materially from
the structure from shamelessly attempting to push it on everyone.