Getting away with murder

Even on the rare occasions the police are ever charged with murder after killing someone, they get away with it:

Two California police officers who were videotaped in a violent struggle
with a homeless man during an arrest were acquitted Monday of killing
him. It was a rare case in which police officers were charged in a death involving actions on duty….

The video began with Ramos stopping Thomas on July 5, 2011, after the
officer answered a call about a disheveled man jiggling the handles of
car doors in a busy transit center parking lot. Ramos grew frustrated with Thomas, who wasn’t following orders to sit on a curb with his hands on his knees.

Just before the altercation began, Ramos snapped on plastic gloves, made
two fists and then held them in front of Thomas’ face as he said, “Now
see these fists? They’re going to (expletive) you up.”

Cicinelli, who arrived a few moments later, jolted Thomas several times
with an electric stun gun and used the butt end to hit Thomas in the
head and face, breaking bones.

Thomas was taken off life support five days later.

Well, that settles it. If the police are involved, you will get no justice from the legal system. It’s not as if this is a one-time event. It is dangerous to even call the police for help.

A Boiling Springs Lakes, North Carolina family is looking for answers
after local police shot and killed their mentally ill teenage son while
responding to a call for help….Wilsey said
that Vidal had been subdued until the third officer walked in and
the boy became agitated.

“Then all of a sudden, this Southport cop came, walked in the
house [and said]: ‘I don’t have time for this. Tase him. Let’s
get him out of here,'” Wilsey told NBC. After the stun gun
was used on Vidal, Wilsey said the third officer shot him, saying
he was protecting his officers.

“He reached right up, shot this kid point-blank, with all
intent to kill,” Wilsey added. “He just murdered him
flat out.”

It is increasingly looking as if the police in America have declared war on the mentally disturbed.