The Huggening

Now that McRapey has finally claimed his Participation Hugo, the literary gods have declared that it is time for RAINBOW PUPPY LIGHTHOUSE THE HUGGENING. Which is to say, it’s Larry Correia’s turn to win Best Novel in 2014.

“The ugly truth is that the most prestigious award in sci-fi/fantasy is basically just a popularity contest, where the people who are popular with a tiny little group of WorldCon voters get nominated and thousands of other works are ignored. Books that tickle them are declared good and anybody who publically deviates from groupthink is bad. Over time this lame ass award process has become increasingly snooty and pretentious, and you can usually guess who all of the finalists are going to be that year before any of the books have actually come out or been read by anyone, entirely by how popular the author is with this tiny group. This is a leading cause of puppy related sadness.”

For just $40 you can register as a supporting member for WorldCon and nominate up to five works in every category. This year Warbound, the last book of the Grimnoir trilogy is eligible.Won’t you please help? Won’t you please put a smile on a sad puppy’s face?