Hands off the kiddies, please

Vladimir Putin extends a warm Russian welcome to the Lavender Brigade:

Russian President Vladimir Putin says gays should feel welcome at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, but they must ‘leave the children in peace’. Mr Putin told volunteers today that gays visiting Sochi ‘can feel calm and at ease,’ and vowed that there would be no discrimination at the games. But he emphasised that, according to a law banning homosexual ‘propaganda’ among minors, gays cannot express their views on gay rights issues to anyone under age.

First, I don’t see how this can possibly be a problem for anyone who isn’t a pedophile. I mean, let’s face it, if you’re a middle-aged homosexual actively lobbying to lower the age of consent, you’re a pedo.

Second, is anyone really surprised that the former head of the KGB doesn’t recognize First Amendment rights?