Rights roundup

Climate Data Rigged by U.S. Government?

Yet another smoking gun in the fraud-filled field of “climate science”
has been discovered and this one appears to be even more damning than
the hockey-stick chart, “hide the decline,” and the attempt by U.K.
government scientists to prevent others from replicating their work.

Bipartisan Renegade Bureaucracy

Republicans will be tempted to blame the recent IRS and NSA scandals on the Obama Administration. After all, Obama is closely and personally tied to both of them. The IRS audits of the Tea Party and other organizations and individuals followed Obama’s imitation of Henry II calling for the murder of Thomas Becket: “Will no one audit these turbulent critics?” That’s taking considerable liberties with the paraphrasing, but I don’t recall many previous presidents “joking” about siccing the IRS on their political opponents.

Granted, Bill Clinton used to do it too, but at least he didn’t single out the targets in public beforehand.