Pro-vibrancy will eat itself

It is very, very amusing to see how those who have championed vibrancy for decades finally getting pushed out of the way by the very vibrants they championed now that the vibrants have the numbers:

Party caucuses are going on tonight in precincts across Minnesota. Caucuses are an old-fashioned civic tradition, more noted for boredom and long nights than anything else, but tonight there was some excitement at a DFL caucus in Minneapolis. A fight broke out:

A very tense night at a caucus site in Minneapolis where DFLer Mohamud Noor is challenging longtime DFL state Rep. Phyllis Kahn. The heat in one Minneapolis location resulted in police being called out. With 300 people at the Byan [sic] Coyle Center, a fight broke out and people rushed the stage. After the melee, the Minneapolis police shut down the caucus. See the video below and the live blog for more.

A lot of cultural history is packed into that paragraph. Phyllis Kahn, 76 years old, has been in the Minnesota legislature for an astonishing 42 years. A political insider for her entire adult life, she lives in one of the notorious $1 homes on Nicollet Island that were given to prominent Democrats. Mohamud Noor is a Somali, one of many thousands who have thronged to Minnesota in recent years. Until recently a state employee, he was elected to the Minneapolis school board less than two months ago.

It’s always hilarious to see whites who are of their “color-blindness” finding themselves getting booted out on their asses by the various tribal peoples they have championed with such moral superiority. In the same way that only women living in historically safe environments can afford to claim they don’t need men, only a dominant ethnic majority can claim to be “color-blind”.

Once those “color-blind” individuals are outnumbered and getting beaten up for being out-group, they tend to belatedly discover their tribal identity that they’ve denied for so long. That’s why the post-racialists are so absurd; one has to wonder if they’ve ever had a frank conversation with someone who isn’t an English-speaking American of Western European descent.

The Left always devours itself. We’re seeing it in the New York Times. We’re seeing it in Minnesota politics. We’re seeing it on Wikipedia. We’ll see it in the SFWA now that the Right has been effectively purged. Because, as John C. Wright has observed, the heart of darkness is relentless.