You can’t stop the signal

But you can delay it. Should have done this yesterday, but better late than never. Amping Larry Correia’s current Book Bomb, Chuck Dixon’s Bad Time series:

Four men. Four Days. For the fight of their lives. It was just a walk
in the desert to a place 100, 000 years in the past. They thought they
knew what to expect but they were wrong. Now a team of scientists is
trapped in a world they were not prepared for and can never return from.
Their only hope lies in quartet of former US Army Rangers willing to
travel to prehistoric Nevada and face unknown horrors and impossible
odds bring them home from Bad Times.

Book 1: Cannibal Gold
Book 2: Blood Red Tide

Is it just me or do those titles have a distinct Glen Cookian sound to them. Chuck Dixon is a comic writer and the creator of Nightwing and Bane; he has now moved into writing novels. Not being a graphic novel guy, this the first I’ve heard of him myself, so I’d welcome any comments from those who have read his books.

Question of the Day: can the books be legitimately classified in the “Space Marine” category when the gentlemen involved are snake eaters?

UPDATE: Take that, Larry! Cannibal Gold had fallen back to #2,123 when this posted. Now it’s up to #1,156. It would be amusing to see it top the #911 that Larry’s readers managed.