Regime change comes to Eastern Europe

I have to admit, I haven’t been paying attention and I have no idea who is even supposed to be “the good guys” in Ukraine:

  • Ukrainian Health Ministry said 88 police, six journalists and four foreigners were among those hospitalised
  • Ukraine’s Interior ministry says 67 police troops have been captured by protesters in Kiev
  • At least 50 people have died in clashes in Kiev that came just days after the crisis in the Ukraine seemed to be over
  • Government snipers were reported to be shooting at some of the protesters in Kiev
  • Protest leaders and president called truce after two days of violent clashes between activists and police
  • President Barack Obama condemned violence, warning ‘there will be consequences’ for Ukraine if it continues
  • President Viktor Yanukovych declared Thursday a day of mourning for the dead
  • Several thousand protesters remained on Independence Square in Kiev and clashed with police on Thursday

It seems bizarre that one side is (allegedly) taking prisoners while the other one is (reportedly) shooting unarmed protesters. But those protesters don’t look particularly unarmed, what with the shotguns and all. And the fact that the Obama administration is pushing the Bush Doctrine of regime change in Europe makes me very suspicious of any attempt to turn the protesters into the good guys after their attempt to whitewash the psychopaths in Syria.