The implosion continues

Fresh from embarrassing itself by naming Redshirts last year’s best novel, the weird little people who are running this year’s Hugo Awards have managed to chase off the biggest media figure ever to pay them any attention. Keep in mind that Jonathan Ross is basically the equivalent of the British David Letterman; he hosts one of the biggest talk shows in the country.

    I have decided to withdraw from hosting the Hugo’s @loncon3 in response to some who would rather I weren’t there. Have a lovely convention. — Jonathan Ross (@wossy) March 1, 2014

    @wossy We accept your resignation, with regret. — Loncon 3 (@loncon3) March 1, 2014

    We regret to announce that Jonathan Ross @wossy has graciously withdrawn from his role as Master of Ceremonies for @TheHugoAwards #loncon3 — Loncon 3 (@loncon3) March 1, 2014

    @stdesjardins @tinytempest @loncon3 you mis-understood. I think I was an excellent fit. But others didn’t. Including, presumably, you — Jonathan Ross (@wossy) March 1, 2014

    @barefootorbust no. It isn’t. Stop being afraid of what hasn’t happened . I agreed because I love sf. And because Neil Gaiman asked me. — Jonathan Ross (@wossy) March 1, 2014

    So @wossy has stepped down from hosting the Hugos at #Loncon3. Great to see that genre folk hate rudeness but are fine with cyber bullying. — Tony Lee (@mrtonylee) March 1, 2014

Yeah, that sound you hear is me chortling at the increasingly tattered remnants of the Pink SF/F world. I warned the Old Guard about the problems of the Scalzification of the genre, but did they listen? Only about ten percent of them. Now the lunacy is coming ever faster and furiouser. Well done, Steven Gould, well done indeed!

It’s all just too freaking funny.