The man who should have been president

Ron Paul points out that Vladimir Putin is in the legal right and it is the USA and EU who have violated the relevant agreements:

The West will claim “everything Putin does is illegal,” but while Ron Paul notes “he’s no angel,” the former congressman adds Putin “has some law on his side.” America has a right of secession and Crimea should have it too – “it’s such a facade,” Paul explains, noting that “contracts, and agreements, and treaties” linked to the Sevastopol base provide Putin with a legal basis to militarily occupy Crimea, “Russia could accuse America of occupying Cuba because it, too, holds a lease on the land around the Guantanamo Bay prison.”

Paul goes on to note the hypocrisy of the West and alleges US and European participation in the overthrow of Yanukovich….

This is a showdown that USSA and the EUSSR intentionally sought. They are the aggressors, not Russia, and no amount of ex post facto cheerleading from the mainstream media can conceal that.

And it is particularly rich to hear the Eurofascists complaining about the Crimean referendum on Sunday. The unelected EU Commission has not only denied most of the people of Europe referendums on independence, but forced the people of Ireland to repeatedly vote until they produced the result that the Eurofascists wanted. Since they actively oppose the right of the people of the UK to self-determination, it should be no wonder that they also oppose it for the people of the Crimea.

If the USA was genuinely interested in human liberty, democracy, and self-determination, it would be placing economic sanctions on Brussels, not Moscow.