Tribalism comes to America

The Democrats coalition of minorities is fracturing now that the minorities have become the de facto majority. As Steve Sailer notes: “The future isn’t going to be terribly idealistic.”

A legislative push to permit California’s public universities to once again consider race and ethnicity in admissions appears to be on life support after an intense backlash from Asian-American parents who fear it will make it harder for their children to get into good schools.

A planned referendum sailed through the state Senate in January without fanfare on a party-line vote, but three Asian-American Democrats who initially backed the measure are now calling for it to be “tabled” before the state Assembly has a chance to vote on it — a highly unusual move. And it seems unlikely to get the two-thirds majority in the Assembly without the support of the five Asian-Americans in the lower house.

Over the last several weeks, the three senators who have had second thoughts about the referendum — Leland Yee, D-San Francisco; Ted Lieu, D-Torrance; and Carol Liu, D- La Cañada/Flintridge — said they have received thousands of calls and emails from fearful constituents who believe that any move to favor other ethnic groups could hurt Asian-Americans, who attend many of the state’s best schools in large numbers. A petition to kill the referendum now has more than 100,000 signatures, and email listservs for Chinese-American parents have been flooded with angry posts.

Three days ago, the senators sent a formal letter to Assembly Speaker John Perez urging him to stop the bill from advancing any further. “As lifelong advocates for the Asian American and other communities, we would never support a policy that we believed would negatively impact our children,” the letter states.

Translation: the anti-White White-Yellow-Black-Brown alliance is breaking down because some of the anti-White policies are starting to negatively affect the Yellow population. And since the Yellow population is openly tribal, they’re not about to follow the self-loathing White lead into disadvantaging their own children.

It’s no great mystery. The USA has been importing tribal people since the Italians began arriving in large numbers. Now that the tribalists finally outnumber the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants in sufficient quantities to overcome the political inertia, US politics has devolved into the same sort of tribal power politics that is practiced in every other multi-tribal state. Whites aren’t the majority anymore, they are just another tribe. The sooner they accept that and start playing by the new rules, the better off they will be. Blacks are completely hosed in this new political reality because Asians and Hispanics don’t accept the White Guilt card and they tend to dislike Blacks far more than Whites ever have.

It’s totally pointless to blather on about outmoded ideals and 18th century principles. There never was any “melting pot”; this is the new tribal reality that will launch the new dawn of nationalism.