A tale of corporate torture

Any society that believes it to be vitally important to get more employees like this in the tech industry would appear to be one that is unlikely to maintain its technological advantage over the rest of the world:

In other words, her colleagues didn’t think well of her work, she was having an inappropriate and unprofessional relationship with at least one male colleague,  her presence caused the performance of another male colleague to go downhill, (possibly through no fault of her own), she pissed off the founder’s wife, spent considerable time on a project of no possible use to the company’s bottom line, spend much of her time at the office in the bathroom crying, the founder has now been “put on leave”, as has one of the engineers, and the company has inadvertently become the focus of considerable media attention.

How good does a female coder have to be to make her employment worthwhile if all that is the potential cost?

Read about the grand saga of the persecution of Miss Horvath at Alpha Game. It’s like something out of the Black Legend of the Spanish Inquisition.