Britain’s big mistake

 It’s hard to argue that the Maastricht Treaty wasn’t a blunder of historic proportions. The only question is whether England will have to fight its way out of  the Eurofascist empire:

What is Sir Peter, married to his second wife, Gabrielle Mahieu, for 40 years,
most proud of? ”My opposition to the Maastricht Treaty. Because everything
that has gone wrong in Britain dates from us joining the European Union. One
of the reasons the House of Commons has lost its prestige is because people
feel we are no longer in charge of a country. So much of the legislation
that affects them is imposed by Brussels.’’ He is in favour of leaving the
European Union. ”If we had a referendum and the country votes to stay in
then we’re finished as a country because we will just be gobbled up into the
German Empire.’’

Using banks instead of tanks is arguably more civilized, but the end result is the same: conquest.