The new evil empire

The European public has finally begun to figure out that the Eurofascists of the EU are cut from the same cloth as Napoleon and Hitler:

Britons see Russia in a more positive light than the European Union,
despite recent tensions with Moscow over Ukraine, according to a poll
published on Saturday. The league table of 27 “liked”
countries and institutions put the European Parliament — for which
elections are being held in May — sixth from bottom, and the EU fourth
from bottom. Only Saudi Arabia,
Iran and North Korea ranked below the European parliament when those
polled were asked how positive or negative they felt towards them.
Israel was fifth from bottom and Russia was seventh from bottom. Canada was top.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the British fear the EU more than the Russians. The EU is an invading and occupying force. The Russians are doing little more than securing their national interests in responds to EU and US provocations, and in doing so, proving that national interests supersede artificially-drawn political boundaries.