Ebony and ivory

Dwelling together in what would appear to be less than entirely perfect harmony:

The other night we reported how a mob of 200 teens went on a rampage in downtown Louisville, Kentucky last Saturday night, assaulting people and mob-robbing stores. There was surveillance footage from a store that was mob-robbed that showed the teens to be black – a detail left out in the reporting of the story.

One of the women attacked was reported to be in her car with her children in the backseat. She has come forward to explain what really happened and it’s a situation none of us would want to find ourselves in, especially with 5 children in the car:

    WDRB – It was around 8 p.m. Saturday when Viola Loeffler says she and her family were attacked at the intersection at First and Liberty.

    “Right before we got to the stoplight, we noticed about 50 to 100 teens coming to the middle of the street. It was a one-way street so we couldn’t go any further. All of a sudden, one of them throws a garbage can on our car,” said Loeffler.

    Loeffler says after that, the situation quickly escalated.

    Her boyfriend, Ron Carter, was in the driver’s seat and stopped the car to see what was going on. They say when he got out, the teens moved in on him.

    “All of a sudden, I’m getting attacked,” Carter told WDRB.

    Meanwhile, Loeffler and her five children were still inside the car.

    “At that point , I jump in the driver’s seat. I hear them throwing rocks at my car. The rocks were hitting the kids inside of the car,” said Loeffler.

It would appear that it is not only European-Americans who are becoming increasingly disinclined to suffer the joys of vibrancy, as seen in this predominantly African community:

Detroit homeowners have had enough. Police are too slow, and criminals are relentless. Since Feb. 22, homeowners have fatally shot six would-be intruders. The latest came at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday when a man shot and killed two men who were tying to break into his home on the 14800 block of Dexter, police said. So far this year, Detroit has recorded at least 10 justifiable homicides, compared to 15 in all of 2013.

The law is clear, as is the police disinclination to endanger themselves or attract criticism by getting involved. This presents the non-vibrant individual with three options. One is to take the Derbyshire approach and simply avoid public gatherings of Vibrant Americans. The second is the Detroit approach. Mind your own business, be prepared, and shoot to kill without hesitation if attacked in any way. And the third is the SWPL approach. Pretend that it is 1950 and that everyone is the same except for their skin color, then express complete shock and dismay when you or your children are attacked by rampaging vibrants.

UPDATE Fox has a clip of the Vibrant TV in Louisville.