“A threat to the UK”

In yet another strike against democracy, nearly four in ten British voters demonstrate that they are nothing but media lapdogs by agreeing that the only British party leader who ISN’T an enemy of the British people is “a threat to the UK“.

Ahead of the BBC debate tomorrow night, pollsters ComRes asked voters to consider several statements and say whether they applied more to Mr Farage or Mr Clegg. The results reveal weaknesses in both camps

In the poll, 38 per cent of people said Mr Farage ’is a danger to Britain’, compared to just 23 per cent who said the same of Mr Clegg. Despite UKIP drawing much of its support from older voters, 44 per cent of people aged 55-64 said Mr Farage posed a threat to the UK. Half of people working in the public sector, and 44 per cent of people in Scotland and the South West also agreed Mr Farage was a danger to the country.

Mr. Farage is a threat to the imperial neofascist European Union. And that is why its lackeys are trying to convince the British that he is a threat to the UK. These people are simply addicted to the Big Lie.

The only way in which UKIP’s Farage can be considered a threat to the UK is if its people are afraid of their own sovereignty.