A tale of two trends

While the lavender lobby is celebrating their latest corporate scalp, the worldwide criminalization of their perversion proceeds apace:

A U.S.-funded health project in Uganda has suspended operations after police arrested a staff member on suspicion of promoting homosexuality, highlighting the mounting legal risks confronting the gay community in the east African state. Uganda enacted legislation in February that strengthened punishments for anyone caught having gay sex, imposing jail terms of up to life for “aggravated homosexuality” – including sex with a minor or while HIV-positive.

We hear a lot about Uganda’s and Russia’s new laws. We don’t hear quite as much about the fact that Uganda is the 38th African nation to criminalize what the Bible describes as “abomination”. While the actions of a single judge are supposed to be indicative of progress, the democratic actions of entire nations are being ignored.

In the end, it is pretty simple. Reversion to the historical mean is the logical bet. And the USA is far from the first empire in decline to give itself up to sexual chaos.

A San Francisco homosexual comments on the matter: “You’ll forgive me if I dont’ feel any heartbreak for your kind finally being run out of town.”

You have two choices, Americans. Either criminalize their behavior and force them back into the closet or be run out of town yourself. There is no middle ground. Other nations have reached this conclusion; I expect it is only a matter of time before Americans do too. We tried toleration. Despite our honest efforts, it has failed, and failed abysmally.