Day by Day

I was a little surprised to see that. I already knew that a fair number of people whose names you might recognize have the blog in their regular rotation, as sometimes they send me email, but I had no idea that Chris Muir did.

And speaking of the new intolerant standard for American business, here is a way to let Mozilla know your opinion directly on their feedback page. As per Conservative Intelligence Briefing: “If Mozilla was hoping to avoid controversy by edging out former CEO Brendan Eich, the company has most certainly failed. The graph below comes from the feedback page on their site. This chart goes back to when the comment system was adopted, and the highest number of “sad” comments is today, by a factor of about two. The second highest number came yesterday.”

A sample of the comments posted:

  • Im still in disbelief at Mozilla inane and intolerant decision to have
    its CEO step down. Apparently they value the opinion of LGBT over the
    first amendment. Shame 
  •  Gay folks didn’t struggle to come out of the closet just so that
    christian folks could now be shoved into it. I’ve uninstalled Firefox
    after many years of using it and I will never recommend your product to
    anyone ever again.
  •  THOUGHT NAZIS will soon reap what they sew … Uninstalled on 23 work
    and home computers. This is just the beginning you FASCISTS!!! 
  •  Giving in to the thought police is unnaceptable. The guy didn’t TREAT
    any homosexual badly, just donated a modest sum (for an executive) to a
    campaign that even BARACK ‘GOD OF THE LIBERALS’ OBAMA supported. This
    isn’t “progress”, this is medieval persecution. Wolf in sheep’s
    clothing, you are. F*ck you. 
  • It has been great riding with you since 1994. Good luck in your future endeavours.

    I have uninstalled Mozilla Firefox, Nightly, and Thunderbird

    No longer willing to support or associate with your products.


It will be informative to see how long it takes before Mozilla shuts down their feedback page. Like many supporters of the gay rights agenda, they appear to have badly miscalculated the demographic math.