The unstoppable terrorist plan

Al-Qaeda would certainly be wise to heed Napoleon’s famous maxim: “when your enemy is executing a false movement, never interrupt him.”

Putting the nation on alert against what it has described as a
“highly credible terrorist threat,” the FBI announced today that it has
uncovered a plot by members of al-Qaeda to sit back and enjoy themselves
while the United States collapses of its own accord.

intelligence agencies confirmed that the militant Islamist organization
and its numerous affiliates intend to carry out a massive, coordinated
plan to stand aside and watch America’s increasingly rapid decline, with
terrorist operatives across the globe reportedly mobilizing to take it
easy, relax, and savor the spectacle as it unfolds.

“We have
intercepted electronic communication indicating that al-Qaeda members
are actively plotting to stay out of the way while America as we know it
gradually crumbles under the weight of its own self-inflicted debt and
disrepair,” FBI Deputy Director Mark F. Giuliano told the assembled
press corps. “If this plan succeeds, it will leave behind a nation with a
completely dysfunctional economy, collapsing infrastructure, and a
catastrophic health crisis afflicting millions across the nation. We
want to emphasize that this danger is very real.”

And if Al-Qaeda truly wanted to speed up America’s decline and fall, they could do no better than to provide more capital to the financial companies that are relentlessly pillaging the American economy while donating heavily to pro-immigration groups.