Takes one to know one

It’s a bit ironic and more than a little morbidly amusing to see the descendents of the secular activists that successfully infiltrated and overturned Christian education across the West wringing their hands over Islamic activists doing precisely the same thing:

Headteachers are warning that schools across Britain have been targeted in an alleged Islamist plot to take over classrooms. The National Association of Head Teachers said it had ‘serious concerns’ about attempts to ‘alter the character’ of at least six schools.

It also warned that efforts to infiltrate classrooms were not limited to Birmingham and were likely to be affecting other major towns and cities. The union said ‘concerted efforts’ had been made to infiltrate state schools and run them according to strict Islamic principles. While the body did not name the additional areas affected, there are concerns over schools in Bradford, Manchester and parts of East London, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Russell Hobby, NAHT general secretary, said some teachers were being appointed because of their Muslim faith rather than their skills. There was also evidence of ‘pressure’ being brought to bear on heads to adopt ‘certain philosophies and approaches’…. Meanwhile, it has been claimed that dozens of teachers pushed out of schools by an alleged Islamist takeover plot are too afraid to speak out because of gagging orders.

Meanwhile, in the USA, people are being pushed out of their public and private sector jobs by politically correct equalitarians for a failure to obediently submit to the currently dictated goodthink.

Perhaps it the time is approaching for Christians to adopt the same strategy. After all, we can do inquisitions and crusades a damn sight better than they can.