The Pink Nebulas

Kate Paulk contemplates the 2014 Nebula Awards:

The big news of the last week or so is that this years Nebula Award winners (with the exception of the Grandmaster Award) are all women. Naturally this should be taken as sincere recognition of an excellent field, the most impressive of whom just happened to be female, right?


Let’s hear from some of those who discussed the winners:

  “Yes!. All the fiction winners are women. The white male patriarchy takes one right in the balls. “

Keep this in mind if you’re considering voting for a woman in the future. A vote for her isn’t a vote for her, it’s a vote against white male patriarchy. And apparently, every time a man wins, the pinkshirts take one right in the glittery hoo-hah.

“2014 Nebulas & all the fiction winners are women – The idea that
women don’t belong in scifi has another nail in its coffin”

Actually, if you read the winners, you’ll find conclusive evidence that women not only don’t belong in science fiction, but these particular women belong in mental institutions.

“Another dinosaur complaining about the Nebulas. Wish they’d just leave sff and be hush for good.”

Well, based on the sales numbers, the readers are certainly leaving SF/F. At least, they are leaving what is being fraudulently passed off as SF/F by these charlatans. The pinkshirts are chasing off the larger part of SF/F’s historical readership, then wondering why advances are plummeting and the midlist is dying. It’s such a mystery!

“as great as it is that so many women won #nebulas, now i’m wondering what form the inevitable backlash will take.”

It will be fun, won’t it! I suspect that within 15 years, assuming they are still being given out, a Nebula won’t be as well regarded as an empty toilet paper roll. Consider how far its prestige has fallen since the joke that was the Quantum Rose award. These days, a middle volume from a mediocre romance series in space would look downright Clarkean by comparison.

“Pretty healthy podium line-up in the Nebulas this year; I imagine the Hugo ballot-stuffers are suitably furious.”

One can only assume that “healthy” here is a euphemism for “well-fed”. It would be interesting to know how the fiction winners stacked up against the average NCAA defensive line. I’m not sure they could mount much of a pass rush, but with a run-stopper like Swirsky in the middle, you’re not going to run on them. And as for ballot-stuffers, I wouldn’t know. I never stuffed any ballots.