“Trust me” said the liar

No wonder nothing the Tories and Labour have said ends up harming UKIP’s electoral appeal. All of the accusations are coming out of the mouths of confirmed liars:

David Cameron has appealed to “frustrated” voters not to back Ukip on Thursday, promising to salvage Britain’s relationship with the European Union just as he said he has overhauled the UK economy.

As Britain votes in European elections, the Prime Minister made a last-ditch attempt to stop voters deserting his Conservatives for Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party.

The Conservatives face finishing third in the European elections when results are declared late on Sunday. Mr Farage said on Wednesday that his party would win the poll to elect MEPs.

The narrative, coming from the same people who said UKIP would never amount to anything, will be that this is merely a “tantrum”, an electoral ephemera that will disappear by the time the real elections roll around. I suspect the truth is precisely the opposite; I have long felt that UKIP is the coming force in UK politics and even told a friend who was recruited as a UKIP candidate last year as much.

Sadly, he didn’t heed my advice and accept the recruitment offer, otherwise he would be one of UKIP’s Members of the European Parliament later today. I very much wish he had.

Here is to hoping that UKIP finishes a strong first in the European elections today and is able to translate that electoral momentum into the next Parliamentary elections. Because the single biggest priority in Europe is the extrication of the English people from the third coming of the Franco-German Empire.

If you live in the UK, vote UKIP today. I know the European elections are nonsense, but that’s not the point. UKIP is the way out. Take it while you can.