Immigration and feminism

Full credit to JudgyBitch, as she highlights the logical connection between the feminist push for more educated white middle-class women in the workforce and feminist support for mass immigration that I had not previously noticed:

Let me state up front that I don’t believe feminism engaged in any kind of mass conspiracy to essentially enslave black women – but the effect has been exactly that.  It’s a nice coincidence that feminists seem deeply unwilling to address. There are two things working in concert:  women in the paid labor force and single motherhood.

In order for (mostly) white women to enter the paid labor force with their fancy college degrees in reading and feeling, they need an exploitable class of individuals to provide domestic services at wages that won’t eat up their own wages.  Maids, nannies, child care workers, housekeepers – these are some of the shittiest, most underpaid jobs a woman can get.  And those are jobs that are disproportionately performed by women of color.  In order to incentive women of color to accept these shitty jobs with crappy wages and no benefits, they need to have no plausible alternatives.

Enter the single mother.  By creating a culture that is welcoming of single motherhood – de-stigmatizing it and treating it as a “lifestyle choice”,and then adding the widespread of incarceration of men of color and black men in particular, that incentive is in place.  Daddy in jail and Mommy a single mother is a perfect recipe for creating an exploitable class of women who can pick up all the white lady’s shit work.

Her alternative does not compute, as we already know that the working class being used here is even less capable of productive professional work than the “reading and feeling” crowd. But it does explain nicely why the feminists, and more importantly, the globalists who have long been pushing feminism in order to weaken national sovereignty, are so relentlessly pro-immigration in this regard.

She focuses on the black population, but it is actually the newly imported Hispanic and Asian populations that are more relied upon in this regard.  And so, once more we see that feminism is a societally destructive institution. It is more lethal than National Socialism and less economically coherent than Communism.