Europe’s quislings

The chief architect of the coming ethnic cleansing in Britain, Tony Blair, archly refuses to pay heed to the clearly expressed voice of the British people concerning the ongoing invasion of their island:

Tony Blair this morning launched a furious assault on Ukip in the wake of the party’s European election triumph – describing it as ‘nasty and unpleasant’. The former Prime Minister urged the Labour leader Ed Miliband to ‘stand up’ and take on Nigel Farage. He said Mr Miliband had to ‘stand firm’ in the face of growing demands to promise an in-out referendum on Europe and ignore pleas from within his party to take a tougher stance on immigration…

In his comments, made to a Swedish television station, Mr Blair said: ‘Of course we should be worried when a party like Ukip comes first in the European election, it would be foolish not to be. But on the other hand we also have to stand for what is correct and right for the future of Britain in the 21st century. When the world is changing so fast, to end up having the debate dominated by anti-immigrant feeling and a desire to get Britain out of Europe, these are not solutions for the 21st century.’

Another globalist whore, Tory Ken Clarke, said: “Every western country is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and everybody gets used to listening to foreign languages on the bus. Young people aren’t bothered by that.'”

When the mass inter-ethnic violence begins, just remember these quislings publicly claiming that “no one is bothered” by hearing alien invaders speaking foreign languages in their hometowns. Blair could not be more wrong. What is right for the future of Britain is that it be inhabited and governed by the sovereign British people.

The fact that every Western country has been invaded by third-worlders in the last forty years doesn’t mean that they always will be occupied by them. Spain was once occupied by Muslims and France was once occupied by Germans. Europeans have a long and noble history of expelling their invaders, even if it takes 500 years.