The chaos flowers grow

A Statistical Portrait of the Foreign-Born Population in the United States 2012

There are now 40.7 million foreign-born residents living in the USA. This makes foreigners the most populous “state” in the country; the total population of California is only 38.3 million. The top ten source countries:

  1. Mexico: 11,489,387
  2. India: 1,974,305
  3. Philippines: 1,861,996
  4. China: 1,719,819
  5. Vietnam: 1,264,188
  6. El Salvador: 1,254,501
  7. Cuba: 1,114,864
  8. Korea: 1,105,653
  9. Dominican Republic: 960,211
  10. Guatamala: 880,869

Of course, this doesn’t even begin to account for the “American” citizens who are foreigners born in the United States. The actual number of full or partial Mexicans legally resident in the USA, for example, is 34 million. A few observations:

  • The idea of “integration” and a “melting pot” at this scale is laughable. None of the people from the top 10 countries have any political tradition that is even remotely compatible with the Common Law and the concept of limited government. Integration no longer exists as there is no longer a WASP-standard to which the foreigners can be integrated.
  • The tribal battles for the levers of resource distribution are going to heat up once the Chinese and Indian populations exceed 3 million. Both populations tend to be more intelligent than the average, they are just as self-confidently tribal as the Jews, and they are totally unsusceptible to the Holocaust card.
  • African-Americans are rapidly becoming irrelevant. The black-white lens through which all American politics has been viewed for the last 50 years is very nearly outdated. The Obama administration likely represents the high water mark for African-America.
  • The observed decline of the USA as the premier global economic and military power will speed up as the nation becomes increasingly fragmented and its average IQ declines.
  • Since deportation is no longer physical practical, the political entity will necessarily break apart. Some level of ethnic cleansing will likely take place. Civil war is unlikely, as the central government will be hard-pressed to maintain order in the Northeast corridor.

I understand it is impossible for most people to imagine change. Most people are linear thinkers who can only extrapolate the present into the future for infinity. But history is cyclical, and it should be obvious that we are already 25 years into a negative cycle in which political entities all over the world are either breaking up or are coming under intense tribal pressure to break apart. Forget the doomed EU, the old alliances of England and Scotland, and Aragon and Castile, both of which predate the existence of the USA, are in jeopardy.

The seeds of chaos were sown in 1965 with the Immigration Act of that year, the plants have sprouted and grown, and soon they will begin to bloom.