What could go wrong?

Steve Sailer contemplates a possible reason for the rigorous Islamic patriarchy:

“I’ve often wondered if the reactionary strictness of Islamic family
morals that irritates us sophisticated Westerners so much has something
to do with Islam originating just north of the edge of the black world,
with its high levels of familial chaos so evident on this graph. For
example, Amman, Jordan has had its own black slum for a long time. The
Arab slave trade introduced lots of blacks into Middle East (although
the black population didn’t grow quickly like it did in the American
South because Arab slaveowners tended to castrate the men and generally
work slaves to death).

“If you are from Sweden, the ideas of women working outside the house,
divorce, non-marital childbearing, etc. doesn’t seem too threatening to
Swedish culture’s stability and efficiency. You look around and ask,
“What could possibly go wrong?” On the other hand, in the Islamic countries of North Africa and the
Middle East, if you ask what could possibly go wrong if we loosen up our
family mores, you look to the south and and say, “Oh, yeah, a lot …””

This consideration of the discivic implications of single motherhood is rather timely, as over at Alpha Game, I was observing that when successful men are asked about what lessons they learned from their fathers, the lessons appear to be much the same whether the father is a wealthy corporate magnate or a postman. But it should be alarming to see that the USA’s percentage of children being raised by one or fewer parents (and by parents, that generally means mothers), is already worse than Ethiopia, Mexico, and Nigeria.