What is Pink SF/F?

Since some people, most of them of the binary-thinking variety, appear to be somewhat confused by what is meant by Pink SF/F, it may be be helpful to provide a concise definition of it. Let’s begin by listing its attributes:

  1. It is written in conscious reaction to, and rejection of, the classic genre canon.
  2. It is politically correct.
  3. It consciously elevates current progressive ideology above story, plot, and characterization. The personal is the political and the propaganda is the plot.
  4. It rejects Christianity and traditional Western morality.
  5. It subscribes to the anti-scientific myth of human equality.
  6. It exhibits a superficial multiculturalism.
  7. It utilizes racial and sexual checkboxes.
  8. It inclines heavily to the political Left.
  9. It celebrates and normalizes sexual deviancy.
  10. It is structured in the conventional form of a romance novel rather than a science fiction or fantasy novel.

From these observable characteristics, we can derive a useful definition: Pink SF/F is a Left-wing literary subgenre written as racial, sexual, and ideological propaganda in order to subvert traditional literature, religion, and society.

This should make it easier to see why David Weber and Jim Butcher, for all their risible gamma male socio-sexuality, are not writing Pink SF/F, whereas Arthur C. Clarke and Marion Zimmer Bradley observably were. Any work of fiction that checks five or more of the ten attributes listed above can be safely designated and dismissed as Pink SF/F.