“Clitoridectomies for all the girls”

Apparently PJ O’Rourke was a prophet after all… more benefits of mass immigration:

School health services in the small Swedish city of Norrköping have found 60 cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) among schoolgirls since March, with evidence of mutilation found in all 30 girls in one class, 28 of the most severe form…. According to EIGE, concerns about FGM became widespread in Sweden in the early and mid-1990s with the influx of Somali migrants: “The first national action taken in the field…was initiated after alarming testimonies from the healthcare sector indicating the existence of FGM among many — if not all — women that originated from FGM-practising countries.”

Now the daughters of immigrants are in danger of undergoing FGM. According to the Local, the risk of becoming a victim of the procedure increases in the summer when many schoolgirls visit their parents’ home country: “We’re working to inform parents that they could face prison if they come back and their children have undergone female genital mutilation,” said Petra Blom Andersson, student health coordinator in Norrköping.

Let me get this straight. The immigrationists can’t prevent their beloved third world barbarians from cutting off the genitals of girls in the second generation, and we’re supposed to believe that their complete integration and magical transformation into white 1950s Westerners is inevitable?

I won’t be surprised if within 20 years many European countries will adopt a White Europe policy similar to the old White Australia one. It’s beyond irony that it’s in heavily feminist Sweden that public school girls are being mutilated.