Immigration and sexual exploitation

The sexual exploitation of children is on the rise in America according to the FBI:

Six child victims and three pimps were discovered by law enforcement officers during the last several days in Texas. The apprehensions were made as the result of Operation Cross Country, an effort to curb commercial sex trafficking in the United States. Michelle Lee, a San Antonio-based FBI spokeswoman, told Breitbart Texas that the sexual exploitation of children is “increasing exponentially.” The victims and pimps found during the most recent sting were located in Austin and San Antonio, according to a press release from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The recovered children were victims of child prostitution….

The number of child victims, as well as the number of arrests, related
to child exploitation increases every year. Lee said, “It’s not just
because we’re getting better at understanding the threat. … The threat
is also getting worse. At least here in San Antonio, our observation is
that children are being victimized in increasing numbers when it comes
to sexual exploitation and trafficking. It’s increasing exponentially.”

It is ludicrous to attempt to blame the increase on “social media”. The real reason is immigration. There are four reasons why immigration is the primary cause of the increase in sexual exploitation:

  1. The stepfather effect: Men are far more likely to sexually exploit and abuse children of different races than children of their own race. The protective instinct all men is feel towards children is reduced due to the lack of visible genetic connection to the children.
  2. The color effect: In America, blacks, and particularly Hispanics, are much more likely to molest children than whites. Blacks are 1.85x more likely to molest children, and Hispanics are 2.35x more likely to do so. So, the more People of Color there are in a society, the more sexual exploitation of children there will be.
  3. The broken family effect: Immigration usually separates a nuclear family from an extended family, and often separates an individual from his nuclear family for extended periods of time. If they are children without the protection of a family, these individuals are more readily victimized. If they are adults, these individuals without the civilizing influence of a family more readily behave in a predatory manner, including a sexually exploitative one. 
  4. The cultural effect: Many immigrants come from cultures where it is acceptable to marry young girls as young as eight. The fact that they have changed their geographical location does not magically change their cultural values. They simply view underage girls as viable sexual objects in a way that no normal American does.

Since mass immigration, especially the immigration of unaccompanied children, has been on the rise, we can safely expect the sexual exploitation of children to continue to exponentially increase until the mass repatriations finally begin. The problem isn’t limited to America either; in the UK, there are many networks of “Asians” (mostly Pakistanis) who have been systematically preying upon British girls for years, luring them in with presents and handsome young boyfriends, then gang-raping them and turning them into prostitutes.

Now that the economy is in depression, both observably and statistically, one cannot even argue for the economic benefits of immigration. Mass immigration is a societally destructive force, and the only civilized long-term solution is the mass repatriation of the various immigrants to their native lands.