Homeschool or die, vol XLVI

Pity those poor “children” crossing the southern border:

You’re going to hear plenty of people try to explain how, if a school turns such a “student” away, it’s racism. You’ve been told thousands of times that stopping illegal immigrants at the border is “hate.”  You’ve been told that even calling this a problem means you’re some kind of right-wing nut or white supremacist.

This story–grown men and women being shipped to Massachusetts at taxpayer expense and enrolling in your kids’ schools–is the real story of amnesty. Announcing that we can have no immigration laws, that none of the rules are enforcable, etc leads directly to the “every man for himself” shakedown of taxpayers by illegal immigrants who are only looting what we’re leaving unlocked.

And so…

 Isai [the guy in the photo above] and Candelaria are enrolled in the ninth grade and are expected to arrive in class this fall, Latham confirmed to NRO. When potential age discrepancies arise, Latham says city officials visit the residences of the “minors” to attempt to verify the age of the individuals in question. On one occasion that she’s aware of, Latham says a relative at one such residence identified an illegal immigrant “child” as between the ages of 30 and 35.

And if you’ve got the facts, this story isn’t that surprising. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, tens of thousands of adults are part of the current surge from Central America.

Department of Homeland Security officials have said that between October and June the Border Patrol had apprehended 39,000 adults traveling with an unspecified number of children. The number of unaccompanied children apprehended as of mid-June was 52,000.

You’ve been told this is a tidal wave of junior high kids wandering across the border. That’s just not true.

And that’s just the count of those who have been caught and released. What’s the over/under on public school boys and girls being raped and murdered by their overage classmates in the coming school term? All so feckless Americans can feel good about their refusal to defend their own country’s borders.