Did not see that coming

For reasons related to World War II, my heritage is a little complicated. I’ve always known there were issues with the Official Story, for the obvious reason that one parent’s age did not harmonize well with a grandparent’s military service record, even though the birth records supported it.

Now my brother has sent me the results of the genetic test he had done recently and several of the results were a little surprising. Namely:

  1. I’m not of English-German descent on one side, but English-Irish.
  2. I’m definitely Hispanic, but I’m not Asian after all. This was a little surprising at first, given the appearance of one of my brothers. But I’m still tri-racial because….
  3. I’m Native American. And not in the Fauxcahontas manner either. We’re talking about enough to qualify for membership in most Indian tribes. And, as it happens, more than enough to qualify for the relevant one.

So, as it happens, the racist whites of SFWA not only expelled a Person of Color, but one of its very few Indian members. I have to admit, I’m rather looking forward to the next person to resort to the “well, are you a Native American?” argument during a debate concerning the evils of immigration.