Immigration and overpopulation

Finally a group concerned with overpopulation is turning its attention to the actual problem:

A group dedicated to saving the planet by cutting runaway population increases is raising a new and shocking issue in Washington’s bitter fight over immigration reform: Most of the nation’s population growth is from immigrants, and they are consuming resources dangerously fast.

According to Negative Population Growth Inc., 80 percent of the growth in U.S. population comes from immigration, legal, illegal and among American-born children of immigrants.

“With increased population, we see a direct increase in the problems our nation faces on a daily basis: pollution, over-consumption, traffic gridlock, crowded schools and hospitals, overburdened social services, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, urban sprawl, over-development, threatened or extinct animal and plant species, and dwindling natural resources,” said said Tracy Canada, the group’s deputy director.

It is madness that groups opposed to housing spread, pollution, and overpopulation have remained silent on immigration for so long when 80 percent of the population growth comes from immigrants. The environmentalists, in particular, are guilty of selling out the environment, with groups such as the Sierra Club having had their silence on the subject literally purchased by the son of a pair of Jewish immigrants, David Geffen. 

Overpopulation is a third world problem caused by first world do-gooders. And more do-goodery isn’t going to solve it, but will merely make it worse. One of the best arguments for shutting down immigration and repatriating low-productivity immigrants is that otherwise, the first world will be in no position to help the third world once its infrastructure begins to collapse.