I was wrong

I said it would take 24 hours for any indisputably factual information added to the Wikipedia page about me to be removed by Wikipedia’s political commissars. It actually took all of 26 hours and 21 minutes to have my views on economics and the fact of Psykosonik’s four Billboard-charting club hits to be removed by one Hullaballoo Wolfowitz, who is the self-appointed left-wing policeman determined to keep the page as negative and fact-free as possible.

That being said, I can see that those who were trying to edit the page and make it more factual made several errors that the more experienced Wikipedia editor utilized to his advantage. For example, the citation of the four Billboard hits was not changed from the original citation that mentioned only two, thereby permitting Hullaballoo Wolfowitz the excuse to claim that the information was false and needed to be reverted.

When playing the Game of Wikipedia, one cannot merely add the information on a contested site, one must also support every single statement with a correct citation. Moreover, the editors missed the opportunity to strip out all of the nominally negative “facts” that are based on the “unreliable source” of this blog, such as this:

Beale is opposed to feminism[22] and female suffrage, writing that “I consider women’s rights to be a disease that should be eradicated.”[23]

Always look at the citations. If it’s this blog or WND, you can “unreliable source” it and strip it out.

UPDATE: In case you truly didn’t believe John Scalzi thinks like a girl:

John Scalzi @scalzi
The hilarious irony of someone who goes out of his way to try to
irritate me complaining that he’s best known for trying to irritate me.

John Scalzi @scalzi
Pro tip: If you’re best known for annoying people, you only have your own life choices to blame.

Translation: There is one Wikipedia editor gatekeeping the page about me. There is another Wikipedia editor gatekeeping the page about him. Therefore, the narrative controlled by all of two people defines reality. It would be amusing that John thinks a three-time nationally syndicated columnist and founder of a four-time Billboard charting band is chiefly known for annoying him, if it weren’t for the fact that he doesn’t believe that at all. It’s just his usual passive-aggressive snark.

This demonstrates the essence of the Gamma delusion. So long as you can convince just one other person of your version reality, it must be real. The fact is that I’ve already passed up the blog that he once claimed was his legacy. Everything else in due time.