The death of the White Democrat

From the frozen lakes of Minnesota to the sunny beaches of Hawaii, the non-white populace has finally realized that they have no need to play second fiddle to their white left-liberal masters any longer:

Abercrombie, a Democrat, was defeated by David Ige, who began the
campaign as a little-known state senator but capitalized on the
governor’s sinking popularity to win the nomination. The
defeat of Mr. Abercrombie, at age 76, probably marks an ignominious end
to his long political career. He had collected only 31 percent of the
vote, compared with 67 percent for Mr. Ige, by the time he conceded the
race on Saturday night.

Mr. Ige hardly seemed able to believe how easily he ultimately attained the nomination, after overcoming enormous disadvantages in fund-raising and name recognition.

“When we started this 13 months ago, I had people tell me I was crazy,” he said. “No one thought we would be anywhere close to where we are today.”

Another high-profile Democratic incumbent was also in danger Saturday night, in a Senate primary race that remained too close to call. In that contest, Senator Brian Schatz faced a challenge from Colleen Hanabusa, a congresswoman.

It’s not dissimilar to the Minnesota House election where a Somali immigrant is likely to unseat Phyllis Kahn, a longtime carpetbagger from New York City. The amusing thing is that there isn’t a peep about race in the NYT article, even though the two incumbents, Ige and Abercrombie, are whites and Ige and Hanabusa are both Asian.

The lesson here is that the Republican Party should embrace its identity as the white party and stop wasting any energy trying to appeal to other minorities such as Hispanics, blacks, Asians, Jews, and Arabs. All multi-ethnic empires throughout history have been divided by ethnicity, not ideology, and now that the USA is no longer a White Christian Anglo-Saxon nation, the old political rules no longer apply.

Besides accepting the new racial realities, the main challenge for Republicans will be preventing the white activists fleeing the Democratic party due to their lack of opportunity there from claiming leadership positions in the Republican Party.