The return of the Lizard Queen

Speaking of Mitt Romney, Pat Buchanan doesn’t think he has a chance against Hillary Clinton. Nor, he thinks, does anyone else:

Amid rumblings of another Mitt Romney run for the White House, author
and former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan is advising
the GOP to avoid nominating the first two-time loser since Democratic
presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson lost to Dwight D. Eisenhower in
1952 and again in 1956.

Buchanan made clear that despite Hillary’s recent decline in popularity, she remains the front-runner. “It’s very hard to see if Hillary runs who will beat her,” he
stressed. “I don’t see Elizabeth Warren beating her. I tell people that
if I were a 45-year-old Democratic senator, I would run, and I would
challenge Hillary on issues, so if I lost I would have gained the
opportunity to introduce myself to the American people and hope
lightening strikes.”

Mindful of Bill Clinton’s support of Hillary’s candidacy, he added,
“But I doubt any Democrat wants to take the risk of running against
Hillary, since it means going after the king, and failing to get the job
done might just have disastrous consequences.”

I’m out of the presidential prediction game. Since I don’t live there anymore, it has become clear over the years that my ability to read the electorate has declined. That being said, the one thing we do know is that there is usually at least one surprise challenger who pops up, especially in years where there is no incumbent candidate.

We’re still two years out, so there is plenty of time for someone to make a run. Remember, two years ago, Marco Rubio was still being mentioned as a serious candidate.