Why didn’t they shoot?

I can understand the frustration of this citizen of Ferguson. But is it really any mystery why the Ferguson police are a little reluctant to pull the trigger these days?

A black Ferguson resident spoke with News Channel 5 TV in St. Louis. He said, “Why were the officers standing back? Why don’t they shoot these looters?”

On Friday night several Ferguson area businesses were hit by looters.

** Liquor Store Looted
** Sam’s Meat Market
** Chinese restaurant (for second time this week)
** Beauty Supply Store Looted
** Electronics Store Looted
** Domino’s Pizza fire – May have been inside the business
** Bus Stop Vandalized

This is why the officers were standing back. Apparently Africans in Ferguson are now literally outside the law:

County Police told Fox 2 News that its officers were at the Ferguson Market earlier when looters showed up, but were ordered to “Stand down” by Missouri State Highway Patrol incident commanders at the scene and basically withdrew and allowed the looters to have their way with the store.  

UPDATE: Not that I am inclined to cut the overmilitarized cops any slack whatsoever, but here are pictures of the new Trayvon, that poor widdle Negro child who never done nothing to nobody just a few minutes before he was assassinated while minding his own business by a white raciss police officer.

The fact that Michael Brown was an oversized thief prone to petty violence and throwing his weight around doesn’t justify his shooting. But it does paint a very different picture of what went down after he was confronted by the police officer who killed him while he was strutting down the middle of the street with his stolen Swisher Sweets.