Fighting over there

A second ISIS fighter from Minnesota is killed in Syria:

A second American turned ISIS terrorist was killed in the same Syrian shootout where a California man died last weekend.

UPDATE: The ISIS fighter was from the Minneapolis Somali community.

According to Fox 9 sources, Abdiraaman Muhumed — who was the focus of an MPR story just two months ago — died in the same battle as Douglas McCain, a former Robbinsdale-Cooper High School student.

So, how long will it be before they stop fighting Americans over there and begin fighting Americans in America? Not very long, I tend to suspect. I’ve been hearing rumors about something taking place in Chicago aka Obamaland for about two weeks now. And Chicago is only about a six hour drive from Minneapolis.

How much more do you pro-immigrationists need to see before you admit that you were terribly, terribly wrong? Do you actually need to see them beheading young men and women on the streets of St. Paul before you decide that maybe settling jihadists where University of Minnesota college students used to live was a fundamentally disastrous idea?

Or are you still clinging to your idiotic, reprehensible, societally devastating notions of human and cultural equality?