Labor Day Sale on Amazon

Amanda Green of Nocturnal Lives has put together a Labor Day Sale in which all of the books listed are on offer for $2.99 or less. Check out the entire list there. Castalia House is participating and the following books are available for $2.99 all weekend at Amazon:

John C. Wright: Awake in the Night Land

John C. Wright: Transhuman and Subhuman

Rolf Nelson: The Stars Came Back

Vox Day: A Throne of Bones

Vox Day: The Altar of Hate

Steve Rzasa and Vox Day: QUANTUM MORTIS: A Man Disrupted  

Tom Kratman: Big Boys Don’t Cry

In addition, the following books are free for the next three days:

John C. Wright: Awake in the Night

Vox Day: The Last Witchking

And since this doesn’t really leave much to discuss other than “hey, I’m going to buy X” or “I already own Y” or the always delightful “but why isn’t Z included” (and yes, the price of BBDC was not actually reduced because it is already only $2.99), I’ll throw out a tangential topic. Which Selenothian culture(s) would you be most interested seeing explored in Book Two in a similar manner to the way Amorran culture was introduced in A Throne of Bones.

Alternatively, what non-perspective character from the first book would you most like to see promoted to a perspective character in the second one?