One Bright Star To Guide Them

At long last, we are very pleased to announce the publication of ONE BRIGHT STAR TO GUIDE THEM  by John C. Wright. It is a beautiful novella in which Mr. Wright once more proves himself to be the Master of the Final Word; in all my reading I have yet to discover an author who is more accomplished at writing elegant, perfectly-fitting endings that leave the reader in breathless awe. The novella is available in Kindle format for $2.99 at Amazon and in DRM-free EPUB format at Castalia House.

As children, long ago, Tommy Robertson and his three friends, Penny,
Sally, and Richard, passed through a secret gate in a ruined garden and
found themselves in an elfin land, where they aided a brave prince
against the evil forces of the Winter King. Decades later, successful,
stout, and settled in his ways, Tommy is long parted from his childhood
friends, and their magical adventures are but a half-buried memory.

 But on the very eve of his promotion to London, a silver key and a
coal-black cat appear from the past, and Tommy finds himself summoned to
serve as England’s champion against the invincible Knight of Ghosts and
Shadows. The terror and wonder of Faerie has broken into the Green and
Pleasant Land, and he alone has been given the eyes to see it. To
gather his companions and their relics is his quest, but age and time
have changed them too. Like Tommy, they are more worldly-wise, and more
fearful. And evil things from childhood stories grow older and darker
and more frightening with the passing of the years.

ONE BRIGHT STAR TO GUIDE THEM begins where other fairy tales end.
Brilliant and bittersweet, the novella hearkens back to the greatest and
best-loved classics of childhood fantasy. John C. Wright’s beautiful
fairy tale is not a subversion of these classics, but a loving and
nostalgic homage to them, and reminds the reader that although Ever
After may not always be happy, the Road of Life goes ever on and evil
must be defeated anew by each and every generation. 

If you are a fan of John C. Wright or C.S. Lewis, this is one novella you simply will not want to miss. Nor is it the only Wright-related book news today, for as can be seen below, the hardcover version of AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND has arrived and will soon be available from Amazon.

UPDATE: Amazon, in its inimitable wisdom, has finally decided to provide pricing information and permit prospective readers of ONE BRIGHT STAR TO GUIDE THEM to “Buy Now with 1-Click”. Please consider taking the time to post a review after you read the novella.