Vibrancy on video

Don’t think you’ll be left out of the fun, ladies. This is why you must carry. If both those victims had had compact .357s, there would be five fewer predators out there looking for kicks through beating up white people. Remember, vibrants never fight fair, so you always have to be prepared to deal with at least three of them at a time, and four is the safer assumption. Or, as in this case, five.

If you’re armed, it’s actually better if there is more than one attacker because it’s that much less likely that the pro-diversity crowd will try to concoct a case against you. Just don’t pull a Bernie Goetz and shoot anyone in the back or when they’re already down.

Even if you can’t carry a gun for some reason, a serrated three-inch blade on your keychain will be enough to address the first attacker. Get the blade out, keep your hand out of sight as the first attacker comes in, stay low, drive in with your left shoulder, rear hand in and up, and the attacker should be out of commission before he even knows you’re armed. Don’t try to warn them off, because when outnumbered you want surprise on your side. Vibrants tend to be cowardly, as you can see by the way they dart in and out when they attack, so they’re probably not going to stick around after the first guy goes down. But don’t pause and wait for them to run off, move in and take out the second one as soon as the first one is incapacitated.

The guy actually acquitted himself fairly well, but the key mistake he initially made was to try to pretend the predators weren’t there and hope they would just pass by. Never ignore groups of vibrants, especially not at night, and not when they are approaching from behind you. If you whirl around, aggressively meet their eyes and stand there in silence watching them, they will usually slink off in search of less dangerous prey. Remember, most blacks are even more frightened of whites than whites are scared of blacks because they have been raised on scary stories about white racism and oppression since they were small. Use the fear.

The very last thing they want to see is a cold smile that says: “Why, hello there, Mr. Vibrant. I have been waiting my entire life for someone to give me this excuse.”