National spirit in Sweden

The rise of the Swedish Democrats echos that of the National Front in France, the People’s Party in Switzerland, UKIP in England, and other nationalist, anti-immigrant parties:

“The Sweden Democrats is the only political party that wants to stop immigration,” Anders Sannerstedt, a political scientist at Lund University, told the French news agency AFP. “All the other political parties have a united stance, a generous immigration policy.”

That pro-immigration stance was exemplified by Prime Minister Reinfeldt in an August 16 speech. “I’m now pleading with the Swedish people to have patience, to open your hearts, to see people in high distress whose lives are being threatened,” he said. “Show them that openness, show them tolerance.”

Reinfeldt’s immigration stance clearly cost his Moderate party votes this year. Its share of the vote fell from 30 percent in its successful reelection of 2010 down to just 22 percent this year. In contrast, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats more than doubled their showing from 2010, becoming the third-largest party after the Social Democrats and the Moderates. A majority of Swedes voted for non-Left parties in Sunday’s election, but the absolute refusal of any of these parties to negotiate with Sweden Democrats dooms them to remain in the opposition.

There is absolutely no use supporting any “conservative” pro-immigration party anywhere in the West. They are all traitors to their nations and there is nothing conservative about supporting immigration; it is literally supporting the replacement of the native people. Notice how immigration is more important to the fake “conservatives” than every other aspect of the right-wing agenda. That’s because they aren’t conservatives, they are globalists in conservative clothing.

And when people are crying about how poor innocent immigrants are being deported en masse, remember who was responsible for the nightmare. Not the people doing the actual ethnic cleansing, but those who made it necessary in the first place. Because the eventual outcome is not only predictable, it is certain whether you think it is desirable or not. After all, where did all of these homogenous nations come from in the first place?

Those who think the short-term triumph of multiculturalism is inevitable because it has been dominant for 40 years should recall the Spanish Reconquista. 781 years of Ummayad rule wasn’t enough to quench the nationalistic spirit in Iberia, and every single Muslim was forcibly ejected from Spain in the end.

It will be no different in the Second Reconquista. Europe belongs to the Europeans.