Scotland unenthusiastic about Red Ed

It’s absurd enough that a socialist Jew is seeking to be England’s Prime Minister. But it’s absurdity squared for Ed Miliband to campaign in Scotland on behalf of continued Scottish dependence:

Labour leader Ed Miliband was today hounded out of an Edinburgh shopping centre as a campaign walkabout became overrun by protesters.

He was repeatedly branded a ‘f***ing liar’ by Yes campaigners who drowned out his supporters with cries of ‘bow down to your imperial master.

Mr Miliband pleaded for a ‘civilised’ debate with two days of campaigning left before the referendum, before being rushed out of the door by his aides, who were left ‘visibly shaken’ by the incident.

At one point he became trapped outside a hairdressers called ‘Supercuts’, leading opponents to chant: ‘Vote No for Supercuts, vote No for permanent austerity’.

The irony, of course, is that Red Ed needs Scotland to stay in the Union so that Labour can take power, since Scotland is considerably to the left of England. Based on the coverage and the increasingly apocalyptic predictions, the English Unionists appear to be deeply worried that they are going to lose the Scottish Independence referendum. This is not the statement of confident politicians:

“Scotland will continue to get more money than England if it rejects independence, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg said in a joint pledge released today ahead of Thursday’s crunch vote.”

Just leave us in charge and we’ll give you more treats! That doesn’t sound desperate at all, does it? And a Scottish Labour MP wrote: “‘Campaign room full of visibly shaken and upset folk who were in St James Centre – truly crappy day for democracy.'”

No, democracy is the will of the people. And it appears that the Scottish people have no desire to have Englishmen or Jews rule over them. This strikes me as perfectly reasonable; I tend to doubt the Israelis are going to elect a Scot anytime soon either.