Baby Boomers graduated from high school!

Fifty years ago! And they wonder why Generation X can’t wait to euthanize them all:

Fiftieth reunions are not new, of course. They’ve been celebrated for
decades — by small numbers at first, and larger numbers as more people
lived long enough to put a party together. But this year, there is one
difference: The Class of 1964 is the first graduating class of the
post-World War II baby boom and the leading edge of the generation
retreating — however reluctantly — from the center stage to the backlot
of retirement.

Well, if that’s not a news item, I don’t know what is. I mean, no one has ever had a 50th high school reunion that involved Baby Boomers before! But I’m sure we can all come together in celebrating the fact that this landmark means the Baby Boomers are one step closer to all of us never having to hear about their idiot generation again.

Don’t be bitter, Boomers. We just hoped you’d die before you got old too.