“Those who hate you will rule over you”

I fail to see how encouraging African aliens to rule over white Americans is going to reduce racial strife. Or work any better than it has in Zimbabwe.

Kulane, a 32-year-old graduate of St. John’s University, is one of two Somali council candidates this year, marking the first time that Somali-American citizens have filed for city election here. A third is running for school board. By all accounts, it’s a significant step in this central Minnesota town of about 65,000, which has had a history of cultural tension with the immigrant group.

“It’s a sign of the times,” said Stephen Philion, professor of sociology at St. Cloud State University and chair of the nonprofit Greater Minnesota Worker Center. “They’ve organized the way that other [immigrant] groups previously have organized. Now they’re looking for a seat at the table … They’re a group that should no longer be taken as outsiders. They are St. Cloud.”

Philion said the racial hostility they faced may have had unintended consequences of giving the Somali community “a greater sense of commitment to fighting for political power.”

Kulane, who has lived in the city’s Ward 1 since 2006, is careful not to campaign on issues of diversity…. The racial strife dates to as early as 2002, a few years after Somalis began moving to the area in greater numbers.

A significant step to be sure. But not for the better. I wonder how it is that people from a notoriously failed state are suddenly deemed worthy of political leadership in the United States due to nothing more than the miracle of geographic translocation. And keep in mind that for the most part, alien refugees are the losers of the wars in their homelands; the USA is actually the recipient of the least capable parties. They were outsmarted by barbarian warlords running a Third World failed state, they’ve done nothing but live off welfare ever since, and now they’re going to run things in the West?

Then again, if the people of Saint Cloud are dumb enough to a) permit themselves to be invaded by Somalis and b) actually elect them to positions of leadership, they will deserve to dwell in the New Mogadishu that will result.

It’s increasingly looking like we may not make it until 2033 before the violence starts. If one can’t escape the alien invasion in St. Cloud, Minnesota, then it can no longer be escaped and five decades of retreat from the inner cities has ceased to be an option. Considering that Americans were willing to kill hundreds of thousands of people to keep French children from growing up in German-occupied France, I cannot imagine what they will be willing to do in order to prevent their children and grandchildren from growing up in African-occupied America.

The Baby Boomers won’t do anything, of course, because they collectively don’t give a damn about succeeding generations. But GenX does and will.