Castalia audiobooks

I was very disappointed with my experience selling audiobooks through Audible. Not only did they control the prices and set them too high for a one hour forty-five minute audiobook, but whatever compression algorithm they used on the files caused the audio quality to seriously deteriorate. That was particularly annoying because I could hear what it was supposed to sound like on the original.

In any event, since we recovered the rights from Marcher Lord and we didn’t use ACX to produce the audio recordings, we are now able to make the audiobook for A MAGIC BROKEN available from the Castalia House store. We are also introducing a new policy, as the ebook is included with a purchase of the audiobook. We’ve also reduced the price and have improved the audio quality of the retail MP3 by using a variable bit rate to compress the file.

We are very interested in producing more ebooks, especially now that we’ve got more books from more authors to consider. And while we are quite happy with Nick Afka Thomas as the Official Voice of Selenoth, we are on the lookout for narrators to read stand-alone books such as AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, CITY BEYOND TIME, as well as the QUANTUM MORTIS and THE STARS CAME BACK science fiction series. If you’re interested, please send us a three-minute sample MP3 of you reading a passage from the relevant book with NARRATOR in the subject.