A lethal attack

Frankly, I’m astonished @Spacekatgal hasn’t cried rape yet. But give her time, she’ll probably be babbling about her fear of alien abduction or the Yakuza by the end of next week.

Brianna Wu @Spacekatgal
I want to be crystal clear – I am scared of the death threats I’ve gotten. I am terrified of the #gamergate blame-the-victim witch hunt.

Brianna Wu @Spacekatgal
Getting attacked by @voxday is like having Jesus Christ come to your door and tell you you’re a great person.

Attacked? This should suffice to demonstrate why no one with any sense finds “the death threats” to be credible, here is my supposed attack on her.

“@Spacekatgal That’s cool. We’ll keep not playing them. And not listening to you.”

Feel the terror! Quiver before the rage! Call the police, clearly a madman is about! IT’S JUST LIKE HALLOWEEN AND THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE COMBINED!!!!!

Anyhow, just to make it clear that my position concerning @Spacekatgal is one of utter Olympian indifference, I was sure to clarify it.

Froonium Driven ‏@Froonium_Drive
All the crap happening to @Spacekatgal says he isn’t wrong this time. 

@Froonium_Drive @Spacekatgal
Hey, I don’t support this anti-transgender hate being directed at @Spacekatgal. I just ignore her.

@Spacekatgal If not playing your 1 game and not caring about your opinion is “getting attacked”, the entire game industry is attacking you.

I have no problem whatsoever with women making games for women. Hell, I designed a game for women; it’s called HOT DISH and THQ did pretty well with it a while back. But I have no interest in playing those games, just as all the “gamer grrrls” have zero interest in Advanced Squad Leader and games that I like to play.

As I used to tell the venture capitalists who hired me to look at various investment possibilities in the game sector, games for women already exist and the biggest one is called “Facebook”. Games are just interfaces, and women collect “likes” the same way men rack up “kills”.

This amused me. These SJW morons can’t even manage to avoid tripping over their own hypersensitivities.

Richard Stelling added you to list rjstelling/massive-cunts 

Yeah, Richard, that’s not exactly the way to go about white-knighting for your feministas.